Occurs on Sunday March 24 2019

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Mainstage, Festival
11944 Haney Place
Maple Ridge BC V2X 6G1

Performance Notes

× Run time: 1 hr 34 minutes Drama Canada, 2018 Directors: Mina Shum Stars: Pei-Pei Cheng, Tzi Ma, Sandra Oh

LOGLINE & SYNOPSIS Devoted wife and mother, 60-year-old Maria Wang’s life is altered when she discovers an orange thong in her husband’s pants pocket, forcing her to confront how powerless she truly is. Her efforts to find out the truth send her on an unexpected journey of liberation.

LONG SYNOPSIS East Vancouver: an immigrant mix, old and new. We witness Maria (60) hanging the laundry; we meet her neighbours, and see her exercising in the park with her charming soulful husband, Bing (65). Epic landscapes and the hint of loneliness. It’s Bing’s 65th birthday, and their grown daughter Ava (40s), her husband Jonathan (40s) and their biracial kids, baby Milly and Max (6), come home to honour him. Tipsy, Bing makes a heartfelt ode to his gal Maria, and is restrained and sweet. The day after, Maria is alone doing her usual tidying when she reaches into Bing’s suit pocket and discovers an orange g-string thong. We watch her reaction and her full range of emotions morphing between disbelief, shock, anger and fear. But she’s interrupted by a sudden visit from Ava, her daughter. Ava is here to deliver a wedding invitation from her brother Charles (30s), Maria’s disowned son. Ava: “Charlie knows if he mailed it to you here and Dad got it first, he’d rip it up.” The estrangement between father and son is deep and impenetrable. Maria wants to go to the wedding, but knows it’s impossible. After Ava leaves, Maria puts the g-string thong back where she found it and tries to forget she ever saw it. She tries to act normal with Bing. But her suspicions mount and after seeing a detective show on TV, she strikes on the idea of following her husband and spying on him in order to find out the truth. But Maria realizes she will need money to do this. Maria becomes aware that the 40 years she has spent in Canada have been entirely dependent on her husband. She has no fiscal independence and no work experience. After unsuccessfully trying to get a job, she decides to sell “backyard parking” and befriends a group of neighbourhood Chinese Po-Pos (Grandmas) who show her how. Maria lives near the Stadium, a hockey arena/event venue. For a few bucks, event goers pay to park in private backyards. The Po-Pos have the intel on how not to get caught by by-law officials, since this business is technically illegal. There’s a protocol to this little economy and the Po-Pos point out their neighbour Gabriel is doing it all wrong. But Maria turns out to be a fast learner. With her earnings, Maria sets out on her road to independence. For starters, Maria decides to find out what’s really going on and begins tailing Bing in taxicabs…

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